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The Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education

The introduction is followed by a chapter entitled Planning science instruction which includes ten full papers. The accepted synopses were divided into seven themes which make up the rest of the book. A list of authors of accepted proposals is found at the end of the book. It is possible to download the publication in two ways, as one book or as separate chapters. Note that the layout is such that readers are expected to print out on both sides of a page (two-sided print). Six synopses were selected to be extended to  journal articles and published in a special symposium issue in NorDiNa (Nordic Studies in Science Education).

Access the entire book here:
Planning science instruction: From insight to learning to pedagogical practices.

(note: The book does now include synopses of extended papers published in NorDiNa)

Access separate chapters here each with its own front-page and contents:
Planning science instruction (ten full papers).
Theme 1: Reflecting on the science curriculum
Theme 2: The goal of scientific and technological literacy
Theme 3: Understanding scientific concepts
Theme 4: Pedagogical practices
Theme 5: Resources for learning science in schools
Theme 6: Resources for learning science outside schools
Theme 7: Learning to teach science
Authors of accepted proposals

Access NorDiNa articles
These articles will soon be available online on the NorDiNa website http://www.naturfagsenteret.no/tidsskrift/nordina.html

Carl Angell, Per Morten Kind and Ellen Karoline Henriksen (2008). Implementation of empirical-mathematical modelling in upper secondary physics: Teachers’ interpretations and considerations.

Gustav Helldén and Sofia Helldén (2008). Students' early experiences of biodiversity and education for a sustainable future.

Berit Bungum (2008). Images of of physics: An explorative study of the changing character of visual images in Norwegian physics textbooks.

Brenda Keogh, Stuart Naylor, Jane Maloney and Shirley Simon (2008). Puppets and engagement in science: a case study.

Vanessa Kind and Rob Wallace (2008). Train, teach; taught? How the content of specific science subject matter knowledge sessions impacts on trainee teachers’ classroom practice and children’s learning.

Björn Andersson, Maria Svensson and Ann Zetterqvist (2008). Några uppgifter som belyser elevers uppfatninger om vad som är teknik.

Symposium program and abstract book

The symposium program and abstracts book is now available on the website in a PDF format. When you arrive to the symposium you will get a printed version of the book. In the meanwhile you can prepare by viewing the PDF.

For information about travelling, excursions, food etc.The Registration Desk/Congress Secretariat at Iceland University of Education.
Tel.: +354-588 9700
Fax: +354-588 9701
E-mail: meeting@meetingiceland.com

Welcome to the 9th Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education 11th -15th June 2008 Reykjavik, Iceland

In 2008 the Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education will be held for the first time in Iceland. The symposium is an important forum for the exchange of research results within the Nordic science education research community. The symposium connects research, developmental work and teaching and is open to researchers and teachers from all levels. The symposium functions both as a meeting point and a platform for the establishment of networks within science education research in the Nordic countries. The goal of the symposium is to strengthen policy and practice in science education.

khiafmaeli.JPGThe first symposium was held in Ebeltoft in Denmark in 1984. The 2008 symposium is the ninth one and will be held at the Iceland University of Education (IUE) in Reykjavik. The IUE celebrates its 100 year anniversary this year and the NFSUN is included in a series of events honouring the anniversary.

The theme of the symposium is Planning science instruction: From insight to learning to pedagogical practices. The papers and posters presented at the conference will cover a wide range and reflect the current research agenda in science education in the Nordic countries. Information about the keynote lectures and the full symposium program will be made public on the symposium website as soon as they are available. The working language of the conference is English.

Confirmed keynote speakers are: Phil Scott and Michael Reiss from the UK and Doris Jorde from Norway.

For further information please send an e-mail to: symposium9@khi.is